Hanshi’s World Interviews the Astonishing Lara “Balance Goddess”

Hanshi speaks with Lara about her early days leading up to study at the Alvin Ailey Studio in New York, her development as a performance artist, creation of the incredible balancing feat she performs in Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna, her amazing feather headpiece designs, the Shona Project, her visions of the future, and her likes and dislikes.

Hanshi Kaufman’s Introduction to Zen Stick Self-defense

This brief video shows highlights of a stick self-defense clinic I gave at the World Karate Union HOF event in June of this year. My teaching is based on my book Zen and the Art of Stickfighting and is taught via another of my books, Musashi’s Book of Five Rings, the best-selling version of Gorin no Sho in the world. Both books are available autographed and personalized from http://www.hanshi.com. You can also schedule your own Hanshi Kaufman event by emailing direct to hanshi422@gmail.com.

Hanshi’s World presents GM Jonathan Stewart with GM Eric Lee

In this candid interview, GM Stewart talks about his beginnings in martial arts, his involvement with the European systems, and offers some sage advice to young practitioners. Also, GM Eric Lee makes an appearance and, along with Hanshi Kaufman, the three venerable masters enjoy each others’ company. At the end of the video are some interesting “outtakes.”

Hanshi’s World Interviews Renshi Allen Woodman

Hanshi Kaufman talks with Renshi Woodman about his early days in martial arts while living in Japan, his ventures into publishing with Sidekick Publications, his new book “Hojojutsu – The Art of Tying Your Enemy,” and his connection to Funakoshi Gichin.

Hanshi’s World presents an Interview with the Fantastic Eric Lee

In this humor-filled interview, Master Eric Lee talks about his career in the martial arts, his movies and some of his insights into Chinese medicine and herbs. This was shot after his seminar appearance at Allen Woodman’s Bronx dojo, June 8, 2013.

Hanshi’s World – Interview and Seminar with Hanshi Charles Bonet

Hanshi Charles Bonet talks about his early years in the art of Shorin Ryu karate and teaches Chinto, an advanced kata form, at the May 26, 2013 seminar given with Kyoshi Stephen Rittersporn in NYC.

Hanshi’s World – Interview with Hanshi George Alexander

Hanshi Alexander talks about his early days in martial arts, starting with his introduction to Shorin Ryu, his time in Vietnam, his very important book additions to the arts, and his forecast for the future of martial arts.

Hanshi’s World Presents Comic Legend Professor Irwin Corey

Hanshi’s World TV presents a rare interview with comic legend Professor Irwin Corey. If you’re old enough, you might remember the Professor from early, early TV. This interview happened strictly by a chance encounter after meeting “The World’s Foremost Authority” in a delicatessen on the Upper East Side in NYC. Had a lot of fun with this one. Did you know he was a featherweight boxing champion?

Hanshi’s World – Hanshi Kaufman Teaching Basic Iaido Concepts

This was an all day seminar in 2006 with a very fine turnout. I explain rudiments of sword handling: sayabiki, noto, kesagiri cuts, and attitudes of approach to a target. Positions stressed were from a standing stance.

Hanshi’s World – Interview with Hanshi Rico Guy

An intimate conversation with Grandmaster Rico Guy, world-renown Iaido master living and teaching in NYC. GM talks about his early days, how he got involved with iaido, what he sees in the future of martial arts, and a look at Hanshi Guy’s iaido kata.

Hanshi’s World – Hanshi Rick Lenchus Interview, Part 2

This is part 2 of a continuing interview with Hanshi¬†Rick Lenchus. He talks about his early days in his first dojo, how he came to be known as “Legend,” the almost free-for-all at Madison Square Garden,¬†1 November of 1962, and there are also reproductions of 8mm footage from his first dojo. Lots more, lots more.

Hanshi’s World Presents Grandmaster Aaron Banks

You ain’t ready for this! This is going to be a rough one. GM Aaron Banks is probably the world’s premiere martial arts impresario. He introduced his “Oriental World of Self-defense” show at Madison Square Garden in New York City more than 50 years ago. Aaron Banks speaks his mind and doesn’t care who gets offended. Get ready for a full-fire-power interview with this legitimate American Martial Arts icon.You’re going to hear it the way it is. And, the comments line is open.